Want to Win with Agile? Pivot Your Culture First

    •   eric
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      • Eric Burd, Vice President, Product, TheLadders

    These days most dev organizations can configure themselves around agile thinking. That is only half the battle. Unless the rest of the company – be it sales, marketing, finance – also adopt the agile mindset, you risk launching misunderstood products eg. what seems like MVP to the development team, seems like buggy features to the marketing team.

    At its core, agile teaches us that a clear vision of the end product is not necessary. But unless the sales team is bought into dev’s vision of “get it wrong before you get it right”, agile can come off as antithetical to winning in the market. In this talk I will explore how to move the entire organization to become agile in both thought and action. I will speak to how you can sell a vision of agile, from a company’s senior leadership down to its staff. I will call upon real life learnings – both wins and failures.

    Questions that will be answered:

    • How do you move an entire organization to adopt agile into their thinking?
    • What are techniques to introduce the voice of the customer into the organization?
    • How do you prepare an org for minimal viable product thinking?
    • How to position innovation as an ongoing process, and not a one-off event?
    • Tips for introducing short-cycle innovation into business cultures.