Everybody Lies: Rapid Cadence Research & Usability Testing

    •   Will_Evans
    • Presentation speakers
      • Will Evans, Manager, User Experience Design, TheLadders


    The early stages of product innovation can crucially influence the success and direction of any product. Yet these stages tend to be fuzzy, highly politicized, undocumented sprints to an MVP where stakeholders cling dearly to their biased opinions. Worse, while many companies have switched to Agile which argues the importance of constant customer feedback, the truth is that most don’t do research, shy away from usability testing, and even when they do research or testing, they do it wrong.

    It is well known that research and usability testing often produce valuable findings to improve your products. In an agile development process, with sprints measured in weeks, it may seem difficult to incorporate findings from such usability testing and nudge your products forward so that they are useful, usable and desirable by your customers. We’ll introduce a framework to incorporate and socialize research and usability test findings to development teams and product stakeholders provide best-practice examples of this framework in action.